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The Concrete Jungle: ManhattanManhattan's Playground

"Record low inventory!" "Not enough homes to sell!" The persistent kvetching by our local realtors accurately sums up the current real estate market in the Big Apple. Still, why let this whining cast a shadow over the reason WHY supply can't keep up with demand: Living here is pure magic and now everyone wants in! Where else can you... spend a summer morning catching a sunrise over 90-story skyscrapers, "power breakfast" with Fortune 500 pals and then hop on a rowboat centered smack in the middle of seemingly endless concrete acreage!?! Welcome to my blog... everything sweet and glorious about New York real estate by a native New Yorker with a passion for her city. Having explored more than 80 countries and hundreds of wannabe-Gothams, I can attest to New Yorkers' arrogant claim of this city being the ultimate metropolis on the planet. It is. Check back for future blogs featuring Q&A's with up and coming realtors, zoning experts, humanitarians, real estate investors, celebrity chefs, architects and more. There's always news you can use! NYC is simply an EXPLOSION of sweet ideas ignited by the most challenging of setbacks. Storms, terrorism and blackouts will never take us down. Let 'em #*@"-ing try! MahattanManhattan will keep you plugged in to what makes our apple the juiciest and tuned in to what's hip and sparkling all over town. Signing off with acres of hugs and skyscrapers of kisses, Melanie xo Editor-in-Chief

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