Real Estate Basics   

Mortgage 101

Melanie, using her TV background, explains the mortgage process in less than 60 seconds for 

first-time home buyers.

" While selling a home is a stressful event, Melanie Siben made it almost a pleasure and for that I will always thank her."

Eve Weiss

" Just want to give you a huge thanks full of appreciation for all you have done for my mom. You have definitely gone above and beyond and I can't begin to tell you how comforting it's been to know we can count on you."

 Rickie Weiss

The Lighter Side of Real Estate

Manhattan Reaches for the Sky

Even a superhero can't keep up with all the construction taking place on our little island. 

Think Double 

The ManhattanManhattan twins and Melanie explain what it takes to be a great negotiator.

Read on for 8 tips!

The Inside Scooper

8 tips all you cat and dog owners need to know to ensure harmony in your home.

" Given her tremendous network of contacts, I was honored she asked me to be her reference… I had been working in the capacity of executive assistant for her charity, through which experience I had the opportunity to get to know Melanie even more intimately. This allows me to unwaveringly attest to her strength of character, strong ambition, and most importantly her beautiful optimism, a trait so unusual in today’s business and academic world, but yet so necessary for success. "

Calista Quintalti

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