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Q: Why R New York?

A: We R New York!

You may have seen R New York (formerly Charles Rutenberg) featured on CNN, CNN/fn, CNBC, NBC, Fox News, E! Television, and New York 1 News, or quoted in The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune.


But why did Melanie choose R New York?


Freedom! The R New York structure allows its agents to operate independently and with the maximum amount of freedom. She still remembers the hiring manager telling her, “If you want to make your business cards hot pink, go for it!”


R New York is NY's fastest growing independent real estate brokerage.  With 700 agents, it’s already the 5th largest in NYC. And, with more than 5,000 agents in NYC, Long Island, Chicago and several cities in Florida, it’s the fastest growing brokerage of its kind in the nation. Who doesn’t want to go with a winner??


Almost all the agents Melanie met at R New York are super-motivated and happy. No wonder. Most of the R New York agents she spoke with came from the top 10 firms and tell her how glad they are that they switched. The R New York model is the epitome of a free market economy. Because of this, the agents are fired up to be entrepreneurial, creative and hardworking for their clients.


Even though the R New York agents act independently, they never feel alone. Their manager, Chris Lipman, is always there for them to answer questions, review agents' business plans, brainstorm marketing ideas, and simply root for their success. 


Location. It’s off Park and 56th Street...less than a block from the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere! When agents are there, they can always find an available desk and use the phones, fax, computers, printers, and meeting room for no extra fee.


Immediate paycheck!  As soon as I make a deal, R New York writes me a check...that day!  "They don't take out any surprise fees from my commission either," says Melanie, " so I can continue to support the charity I founded."  


Another plus is that there is no contract holding agents there.  And someone decides to leave, he or she can take all of their leads and not leave them with the company.


"Stefani and her mother Hillary run the company like one big family. They are no-nonsense, yet also warm and friendly. I’ve always had good bosses colleagues, but every time I come to the office, I have to hold myself back from hugging someone. Stefani sets the vibe. Most of the agents are extremely knowledgable and professional while also kind and caring. What a terrific family this is turning out to be!"


It's easy to see why The Real Deal featured R New York as one of the top real estate brokerages for which to work and why the firm continues to grow. 

Stefani Markowitz

President of R New York, LLC.

Esther Muller
R New York Business Coach
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