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“Success in the City” - Home Buying Tips for Millennials

Ever since I could remember, I dreamed of living in the city. I aspired to take NYC by storm and live life just like the ever-fabulous Carrie Bradshaw. Like your typical teenage girl, I fantasied about the Sex and the City lifestyle – packed with a fabulous job, glamorous events, and the best friends a girl could ask for. In fact, I can even feel myself channeling my inner Carrie as I write this blog post!

But one thing I didn’t think about was apartment hunting. Sure, Carrie Bradshaw had the most fabulous apartment in NYC, but how did she manage to acquire such luxurious living conditions? These 3 apartment hunting tips from my mentor Melanie Siben will put college grads on the right path to finding the perfect apartment:

  • Select a community that is the right fit for you. If you are studious, it might be nice to be located near a library. If you’re a coffee lover like me, it might be helpful to live near a Starbucks.

  • Take photos of each house you see. This way, you can remember everything you like and dislike about each option. Even though homes have their own photos, it will be helpful to take your own.

  • Use the HUD Home Scorecard. Now I know what your thinking – HUD Huh? But this scorecard by Housing and Urban Development can be a key tool during the apartment hunting process. This basically gives you a checklist of everything you should consider before purchasing an apartment. If you’re a little disorganized, this checklist is the perfect way to organize your opinions on each home!

After college, your life will be filled with lots of new experiences – and apartment hunting in NYC will definitely be one of them. New start, new home, New York!

Written by Sarah Linnemann, college student at Penn State.

Not a licensed real estate agent, but a real estate ‘enthusiast.’

Sarah gives millennials home buying tips

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