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The Inside Scooper: 8 Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are a blessing; a gift from Heaven, in my humble opinion. These 8 tips for cat and dog lovers will go a long way in ensuring a harmonious relationship.

1. Linoleum and wood floors are the easiest to maintain.

2. Creating their very own staircase from one floor to another can give your pets an easy way to get around the house, without crowding the stairway for human use.

And from an interior design point-of-view, a pet staircase adds interest and is a definite conversation piece!

3. A “dog-hosing station” either outside or in the entrance or laundry room of your home can clean dirt, mud, and sand off your dog before he or she climbs on your clean furniture.

4. Screens for your windows are always a good idea to keep your home safe for your animals, especially cats. Heavy duty pet screens can decrease the chance of tearing if your cat likes to climb.

5. Instead of having an unappealing litter box exposed in your house, create a cabinet surrounding it. Your cat can have a comfortably located litter box, without creating an eye sore for your home.

6. Setting up a pet room near the entrance of your house can make your pets feel included when guests arrive. This pet area also invites your pets to chill if they choose to do so.

7. Custom tunnels built into your home for your cat or small dog can be a terrific way for them to travel from one area of your home to another. The tunnels add a unique design to your home while also keeping your pet happy.

8. A vacuum specifically designed to pick up pet hair will do wonders to keep your home clean.

Written by Melanie Siben

Researched by Julia Spector

tips to make your home pet friendly

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