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Sweet Digs - 8 interior design ideas to keep your home stylish

1. Indoor and outdoor living spaces no longer need to be completely separate. Blur the lines! According to Elle Décor, the end of distinction between these two areas is now all the rage!

2. Large windows are a simple first step to synchronize your indoor and outdoor quarters. Did you see the windows of 432 Park Avenue? Each one is a massive 10’ wide x 10’ tall!! A fabulous trick to open up a room is with the addition of windows. Windows are a wonderful way to expand the size of your home without actually adding square footage.

3. Transparent, but colored window sheers are very chic and can be just what you need to add some extra style to your home.

4. Layering drapes is now extremely fashionable and this creates even more options between privacy and having a view.

5. Yummy honey tones and grainy woods are also extremely chic this season. The addition of these woods is a great way to further complement your indoor and outdoor areas.

6. With such harmony between our homes and nature, it is easier for us to participate in the green living and sustainability movement that is becoming integral to our way of life.

7. Simply unplugging energy suckers like TVs, computers, and microwaves can make a tremendous difference in conserving energy.

8.Use smart phones to control systems throughout the home.

Written by Melanie Siben

Researched by Julia Spector

Melanie Siben- 8 Interior Design Tips

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