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“Think Double” – 8 Negotiation Tips to Win Win!

Remember, everything is negotiable. I’ve negotiated everything from buying flowers at Home Depot to first class airline upgrades on Thai Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and many others. A smile goes a long way when asking for something for yourself.

1. Listen. Listen. Listen. By truly hearing the other person, you enable him or her to compromise. Understanding all sides is crucial to creating a win-win outcome.

2. Leave your emotions behind. The more cerebral you can be during a negotiation, the more successful you will be in achieving your goal.

3. Look for commonalities with the person with whom you are negotiating. Establishing rapport in the beginning will help you gain favor with others.

4. Today, successful negotiation is not about winner-take-all. A win-win is optimal, and remember, it generates good karma. The good energy will come back to you again.

5. Be assertive, but never aggressive. If you don’t ask, you’ll never receive. Ask, however, in a loving manner with a positive attitude.

6. Negotiate at work. For every hour of negotiation, spend at least 2 hours researching and preparing your case.

7. Be optimistic. Our positive thoughts manifest into positive results. I suggest you think, dream and ask for more than you expect. If you have the cojones, start with an extreme position. Aim high and expect the best outcome.

8. Negotiate at home. If you helped your spouse in the kitchen every night this week, it’s fair to negotiate for extra nookie tonight. ;)

Written by Melanie Siben

think double negotiation tips

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