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November 14, 2014

Any homeowner victimized by Super Storm Sandy knows that standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding. But FYI:


1. The National Flood Insurance Program offers flood insurance to homeowners, renters, and business owners if their community participates in the NF...

November 11, 2014

Andrea Siben, Melanie’s incredibly talented sister, has traveled the world as a model, art historian and commercial real estate broker. As a specialist in the buying and selling of hotels globally, Andrea shares her most prized advice on how to be a successful, globe-t...

November 11, 2014

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 3,400 Americans die each year in fires and nearly 20,000 are injured.  Many of these blazes occur in the home.  So, what can YOU, a savvy New Yorker, do to keep yourself and those you love from becoming a national st...

November 10, 2014

1. Adjustable-rate loans, also known as variable-rate loans, usually offer a lower initial interest rate than fixed-rate loans. The interest rate fluctuates over the life of the loan based on market conditions, but the loan agreement generally sets maximum and minimum...

November 10, 2014

Pets are a blessing; a gift from Heaven, in my humble opinion.  These 8 tips for cat and dog lovers will go a long way in ensuring a harmonious relationship.  


1. Linoleum and wood floors are the easiest to maintain.


2. Creating their very own staircase from one f...

November 10, 2014

Remember, everything is negotiable. I’ve negotiated everything from buying flowers at Home Depot to first class airline upgrades on Thai Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and many others. A smile goes a long way when asking for something for yourself.


1. Listen. Listen. Li...

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Dear blog readers, as my real estate business picked up speed, my available time to create original content declined. My apologies for not continuing my blog posts. I am now fully devoted, however, to helping my clients with their real estate needs.  If you or your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues are looking to buy, sell or rent, remember that I would love to help. 


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